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As told by Imole Oluyemi

I met a man called Samson Abioye

One morning, in August 2014, in the cold Ogbomoso harmattan while I was still recovering from the rude shock of my father’s death, I received a call that would change my life forever.

I had encountered Samson Abioye about two years prior to that time, this was while we were interning at the ICT Centre of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (our alma mater) in Ogbomoso. Samson was a young brilliant chap with a slim frame. But I took picked special interest in him when I noticed how…

About the Project

Eazyfinance is a Platform that allows middle-income to low-income earners to access large loans in Nigeria using only their cars as collateral.

The Problem

Although there exist tons of apps offering quick and easy loans to middle-income and low-income earners, the amount the can access is ridiculously low due to lack of a proper credit-rating system.

A middle-income earner who lives in urban areas such as Lagos, Abuja or Portharcourt and owns a car, such a person could still access larger loans if he or she could use the car as collateral. It was, however, decided that the loans accessible will be…

About Product

Class54 is an e-learning platform that helps students to practice and prepare for standardized examinations in Nigeria using adaptive learning methodology.

The Problem

In Nigeria, only 40% of students who take the annual Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination, pass these exams. This is also true for the equally important Secondary certificate examination and other standardized examinations as well.

Key Insights from Market Research

A deeper look into the problem above revealed the following:

  1. Only about 52.8% of candidates who sit for the University matriculation examination get admitted into the Country’s Universities.
  2. About 3.9 million candidates seat for the major Pre-college examinations…

This case study was originally posted on Behance. I upgraded and then decided to post it here now.

The Project

This is an App (an internal tool) to be used by the company’s Agents on the field to activate and subscribe users to the company’s Platform. It will enable tracking of all activities by the agents and also enable real-time subscription by simply entering the user’s registered phone number.

It is also expected to activate the company’s offline desktop application as well as allowing the agents to deactivate a user.

The Problem

Before now, the only for users to be…

Self-employment presents a way out of unemployment for many Nigeria youths

As at Q3 2018, there was about 20.9 million unemployed Nigerians who are within the working-age (15–64). The problem is, we simply are not creating enough jobs fast enough to put these persons (most of whom are youths between the ages of 15–34) to work. This has made many of the people affected (many of whom are graduates) to turn to the easiest solution they can find, which self-employment.

If you are considering self-employment (entrepreneurship), I have put together two easy-to-start businesses that require little to no upfront capital or hard skills, since they are mostly information-based. …

I once founded and ran a Print Startup that was created because of the fulfilment I get from seeing and touching a well-printed material literally created out of imagination and how these materials save the day in many cases for clients across geographical zones.

What started as a freelance gig, quickly grew into a proper startup with several clients, partners and employees. At first, I loved the thrill, the referrals, the shout-outs on social media and general commendations on jobs well-done from clients, but all that gradually translated into a nightmare as the number of orders and deliverables increased significantly…

While in LAUTECH as an undergraduate I was constantly faced with the question-“what’s next after school?” Yes I am doing well in my academics but I sure know it is not enough in a country like Nigeria. So I tried writing a handful of Professional certifications including ICAN (Professional examination for Accountants in Nigeria-Practice now on PASS.NG) despite being a Computer Science major.

In the middle of my quest for additional qualifications, I was appointed as the Publicity Secretary of my Campus Fellowship (MFMCF LAUTECH) and I was suddenly in charge of publicity and publications for a fellowship of almost…

Two friends sitting together but far apart due to smartphone addiction

I removed the two Sim-cards, slowly realizing that I had no extra phone to accommodate the second Sim-card; still I did not let that discourage me. This was me on a beautiful Tuesday morning, sick and tired of the ‘distractions’ and ‘isolation’ that I was adjusting to by being almost addicted to my lovely smartphone.

Mobile data costs have crashed in Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country, in about a year prior and even the present rising cost of acquiring a smartphone due to the unfavorable exchange rate, has not in any way affected the number of people jumping on the…

Thou hast asked a hard thing…2 kings 2:10

Elisha had it all figured out, he wasn’t going to miss the chance; he wasn’t going to be satisfied being a regular prophet. He understood that Elijah’s departure signifies the end of an era and the beginning of a new dispensation, in which the “singular” anointing possessed by Elijah might not be adequate.

It was also an open secret that Elijah had committed a lot of “atrocities ” which comes with potential reprisals for whoever will be coming after or has anything to do with the rugged Prophet. …

It has taken me a very long indecisive number of years to finally put pen to paper and make this a reality. I was scared I may not be able to come up with these long and well-composed articles that I read on blogs and various social platforms. Well, here is my first!

My life has been a Cocktail of different events and circumstances, a lot of which I have no power over. I had one of the worst diseases that a man could possibly have and was healed miraculously (who says there is no God?), I had witnessed the…

Imole Oluyemi

Product Designer & Entrepreneur.

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