Activator App — UX Case-study

  1. Time: We had only a short time as the company was losing money every day that the app was not ready.
  2. Internet Connectivity: We had to ensure that the agent Apps can still activate a user even if the agent was in a location with little or no internet access in Nigeria.
  1. The app targets both the android and IOS platforms such that we can make some of its functionality work with little or no internet and then syncs all the data as soon internet connectivity comes back on.
  2. The App has all the Agents’ data so they can be emailed an initial login detail which they will be forced to change on the first login.
  3. Enable Agents to subscribe, activate and unsubscribe registered users to the platform using the Agent App.
  1. Reduced customer complaints across all the company touchpoints.
  2. Increased revenue from cash-paying users and from bank transfers.
  3. More efficient field sales team.
My Process to solving the problem
  • The analyzed data from google analytics, Back4app and conducted interviews with our users, CX team members and the Field agents.
  • We noticed that there was lots of churn by users especially around the payments page and when we interviewed some of these users, 90% said that they do not either have a bank account or a debit card to make such payment.
  • On the other hand, the customer experience team complained of users calling to subscribe after making bank payments has really added unnecessary tasks to their workloads. They also complained of users asking for the subscription process to be offline as they only have access to little or no internet connectivity.
  • Also, the field agents confirmed that customers are willing to pay cash to them on multiple occasions but since they couldn’t make the subscription on the spot, they lost the sale. This was for both the mobile app and the desktop app.

Information Architecture

User Flow
High fidelity Wireframes
  • The App should enable the agents to view logs for all the different subscription and activations types separately as we had earlier joined them.
  • The App should enable serial number activations especially since our target users young (14–24 years old) and might change phone number often even when their subscriptions might still be active. So we needed an added method of subscribing these users.
Colour Pallete
The Deactivation screens
  • Three months after the launch of the App, the company’s overall revenues increased by 36.5%.
  • The CX team’s workload reduced drastically and they could focus on better helping the customers.
  • The Agents are more efficient now as they can easily close a sale on the spot with their Agent app.



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