Eazyfinance-UX Casestudy

The Problem

My Role


Competitive analysis of existing Loan apps and services in Nigeria
  • Car usage and maintenance behaviour
  • History and means of credit access
  • Knowledge level of financial technology
  • Loan repayment preference/behaviour.
  1. The due diligence/verification process of existing loan apps/services was too long and difficult.
  2. Users wouldn’t mind using their car or any other valuable asset that is worth the amount of the loan as collateral.
  3. There is a limit placed on the amount of loan they can access currently via the existing apps.
  4. Only the banks can give them the larger loan amounts but their process, criteria and interest rate are almost impossible for an individual or a small business owner.
  5. The users are above-average and have embraced financial technology which they engage with both online and via their smartphones.

Beaming the Spotlight on the user

  1. The Working professional-Ajani


I wrote out the user stories from the identified user needs
I used Miro to present the User story map to the stakeholders so everyone can collaborate
The overall User flow
The User’s emotional Journey map

The Wireframe Sketches

Paper Wireframe Sketches for each of the user stories

Mid-fidelity Wireframes

Mid-fidelity Screen designs


  1. Car valuation & Loan request flow
Customer verification

Feedback and Key findings from the Usability Testing

  1. Unauthenticated users should be able to know the value of their cars, including seeing the amount of credit they can get at a glance. This will increase the trust and likelihood of commitment to the platform as against asking the user to signup and verify first.
  2. Users should be able to select more than one car and see the overall value before requesting a loan.
  3. There was a lot of confusion about what to do after adding a car to the user’s account. I did include redirection to a page that shows the nearest inspection centre with a google maps link that they can easily follow.

Visual Design



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