The Passion Trap: Why your passion may be impeding your growth.

I once founded and ran a Print Startup that was created because of the fulfilment I get from seeing and touching a well-printed material literally created out of imagination and how these materials save the day in many cases for clients across geographical zones.

What started as a freelance gig, quickly grew into a proper startup with several clients, partners and employees. At first, I loved the thrill, the referrals, the shout-outs on social media and general commendations on jobs well-done from clients, but all that gradually translated into a nightmare as the number of orders and deliverables increased significantly. Trusting my employees with these responsibilities didn’t really work out (Or so I thought) because they couldn’t produce the kind of quality that I was reputed for (and I wasn’t willing to put in the time to teach them). This meant that I had to step in (to micromanage) all the time on almost all orders.

My workload increased significantly and I began to drop the ball on my own responsibilities as team lead, plus the overall production quality output started to take a hit (typo errors, not doing the last line of quality check on pre-press on behalf of clients e.t.c.). My passion became my trap and the business suffered greatly as I could no longer see the big picture, and as a result, we could not grow.

“When something stifles growth, that thing is a trap. You need to be liberated”

In my opinion, here are some tips that will prevent your venture/passion from being your trap:

  1. Learn to share your passion/vision for the business with your subordinates. All I had to do was to help them see the business from my perspective. I should have taken time frequently to show them all the tricks and tips. Ensure that you show them how and allow them to ask why, so they can produce that same or better level of reliable quality of work.

Do reach out for suggestions, additions, redactions e.t.c via This is Day 2 of my writing challenge.

Product Designer & Entrepreneur.

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